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Hey y'all, had a blast in lovely Orlando, in fact I just got back, giggle, we sort of had a few problems making our way back with everyone we met out there. We sort of took a detour and headed to Megacon for a few days then to the beach, had to totally call my classes to tell them I've be gone from them. So, speaking of the beach, this is the set that a fan, and dear friend, asked for, me at the beaches of  Belize. It took some looking, but I found them. But come join me in a new set I call Springtime Fun , and wait till you see Patsy from  as she shows off her White Frill

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Sorry to you guys who I missed this week, lost track of the days and forgot what day it was, hence this update being a day late and all. But the chat shall go on at 
I usually chat every Thursday night at 7pm, central time, but come by and check out my sexy Yahoo Group .I have stuff like sound files of my voice, extra big newsletter pics, as well as other goodies. Sort of like being a member in training, giggle.

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So if you notice, these pictures are not from the same set, since I was in Belize for a while, I took lots of pictures and wasn't sure which set you were asking for.

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So I just posted all of them up, except for the one with Fontaine since I posted that one a few months back. So who is Fontaine you ask, why she's my blonde friend from long ago with cute glasses and a nice body who's at


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